Boudoir Prep - Tips for a successful photoshoot


Hello Gorgeous!

Have you been desiring a different kind of empowerment? Do you want to embrace the sexy inside and out? Well get ready, we are hosting our very first Boudoir Party! So, what does that actually mean? It is a day designed specifically for our bodacious babes where we pamper our favorite ladies with mimosas, sweet treats, gorgeous hair and makeup done by our in house professional stylist, and of course bombshell photography. We call it a party because we have several ladies come to the studio for one event, your session is private to semi private depending on your time slot.


Now is a great time to choose your outfits and have them ready for your shoot.

What do I wear or bring?

We do have a Pinterest board for inspiration you can look at, but we love to help with suggestions! Consider items like heels, boots, stockings, teddies, long necklaces, robes, oversized sweaters, long socks, new lingerie. Some ladies also like to choose a specific theme, like Pin Up or Superheroes to inspire their shoot. Your boudoir session does NOT have to be strictly bras and undies. A cute pair of jeans and an open button up can also be sassy without being overdone.

It is good practice to try on your outfits and make sure you actually like the items together before your shoot. Get in front of the mirror and strike some poses. You might feel silly, but you will thank yourself for knowing what you like and don’t like. I always love to put personal touches on my Boudi Babes photos, so if you have something like a necklace or ring or something that is sentimental to you (and maybe your mister/lady) please bring it!

Do I need to do anything else?

The week before your shoot, it is best to make sure you are applying plenty of sunscreen to avoid awkward tan lines and drink plenty of water. You may want to avoid sodium the day before to reduce any type of swelling. If you plan on waxing, allow yourself enough time between the service and the shoot so there is no redness. The night before, you will want to shave, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Your natural glow will impress you, and maybe your spouse, in the photos. Please - DO NOT spray tan if you don't normally. Lastly, don't forget your "paws and claws", we definitely give you an excuse to get your nails done. ;)

Leave yourself plenty of time the day of to arrive so you are not feeling stressed. It is a party! We are there to have fun and enjoy our beautiful selves, so don’t be nervous.

Once you have arrived at the studio, you will first be greeted by our makeup artist, as I might be shooting. She will set you up with a mimosa and some nibbles while she starts your hair. Then comes the makeup! We ask that you let our stylist know beforehand if you have specific ideas in mind. After you have finished beautifying, we begin photos! I like to start with your most covered outfit to ease you into the process. I am very encouraging and goofy by nature, so I will tell you throughout the shoot how things are going and show you previews.


Most important thing to remember is this is for fun! For YOU! Get into it and don’t be afraid to show your sexy side.