Kansas City - My Heart Is A Map

Many people know that I love to travel. To far away places and to sweet little corners of my own little world. It is so easy to fall in love with a place and even easier to fall in love with the memories from that place. As a photographer, I see beauty so often and I try to share it when I can and there is a question that I feel comes up pretty frequently. 

What are some good locations for photos in the Kansas City Area?

We have a few suggestions...ok maybe more than a few.

My husband, Adam, and I like to consider ourselves Urban Explorers. We have created an extensive and ever growing  list of scenic locations to fit any photo session in the Kansas City Metro and surrounding suburbs. The sessions are about our clients and friends, we aim to match you with a unique and exciting experience. Of course we are not limited by these, but it is nice to have ideas to work with. I also enjoy sharing these places with my network of photography friends, because I am a huge fan of #communityovercompetition. Some of these places are results of my amazing friendships here in KC, and I hope to continue to build my relationships here.

We have selected ten spots to feature from a 40 mile radius of KC to tell you about. There are definitely more classic locations, such as Loose Park, The Nelson Atkins lawn, The Plaza and SUPER popular Liberty Memorial, but these are my little (and big) gems that are also worth telling stories in. Feel free to visit the Google Map we created at the bottom of this article for an extended list.

1. The Love Lock Bridge

I wanted to start with this one because when we went to take photos for the blog we actually ran into a very sweet couple that was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. This bridge represents many things to people and this was just one example of the sweet memories created. Adam and I decided we have to get a lock made for the bridge! I think this would make for a really fun date or photo session.


2. Cedar Creek Waterfall

This is on my feature list because it holds many memories dear to my heart. As a teen my friends and I would hike to these falls and walk in the shallow waters and enjoy this little piece of beauty in Olathe.


3. Burr Oak Woods Conservatory

Another hiking adventure location, but totally worth it. The limestone formations on the Bethany Trail are unique and absolutely gorgeous. We haven’t explored the entire park yet, but this little trail provides many scenic views. Don't mind the crappy cell phone picture and the dogs that are apparently NOT allowed on the trail (oops). Also, #thorthehusky was mighty small here. 


4. The Work House

Back in the city, there is a fantastic spot that offers the urban thrill seekers some genuine intrigue. These castle ruins are covered in colorful graffiti and can be a very artistic background. I highly recommend taking a walk through some time if you haven’t. There's something wild about crawling down the stairs inside to see the overgrown trees in this once full castle.


5. The City of Kansas Bridge

Right next to the River Market you will find this beautiful industrial bridge. It has some really great lines that can create a dramatic look. Many locals travel this bridge daily to get to the walking path near the river. 


6. The West Bottoms

One location that I spend a lot of time in. I don’t just come down here from the colorful doors and ivy leave backdrops and bridge columns to photograph, I come down here for one of my passions: ANTIQUES. If you have never attended a First Friday (Saturday) in the West Bottoms, you should do it once in your time in Kansas City. On the First Friday of every month, antique vendors bring all their pretty things to historic warehouses to sell to the public. I have a slight obsession with vintage items and the repurpose wave. It is simply too good for words.



7. The Colonnade at The Concourse Park

This is a new favorite of mine. This park offers at least a dozen gorgeous and different spots to photograph in. A single row of columns is only the tip of the iceberg here. There are fountains and ivy walls and a huge stone staircase. Shown is a shot from a fashion shoot for Victorian Trading Company, where I spend my weekdays.


8. Longview Mansion

Another very beautiful location with a row of derelict columns. This one does require a reservation with the mansion to visit, but it is worth it. 

9. Unity Village

Spanish inspired architecture that has clean lines and is the epitome of elegance. This campus also contains dozens of scenic options. I have second shot a wedding here before and I can tell you it is very diverse!

10. Black Hoof Park

A very well maintained and woodsy, tucked away park near K7. It has sweet little stumps coming up out of the ground and bench logs to cuddle up on as well as a lake through the trees. I would have loved this park as a child and will be bringing my niece and nephew's here soon!



Follow this link to view more locations including stain glass museums, sunflower fields, gardens, graffiti, iconic walls and more.