How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I have been photographing weddings and assisting since 2010 and my first solo wedding was in 2013. At the time I was attending KSU for my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Photography which I received December of 2014. While I was in The Little Apple, I worked as a contract photographer for Complete Weddings and Events. I also started second shooting for other photographers.

You will find my earlier work under the business name Photography Bug on Facebook. I rebranded to fit my growing style when I got married in 2015.


Who are your second shooters?

I have several colleagues that have their own businesses that I reach out to closer to the wedding date for availability. This gives them a chance to book their own weddings but it’s also someone who is well prepared for the day. Occasionally, a newer photographer requests to be a third shooter.


What is your style of photography?

I am a photo-journalistic photographer, which means I prefer to shoot candidly. During a shoot, I may also instruct clients to do a certain task that makes them do something I can shoot candidly from, such as dancing or embracing in a bear hug. I do also include several classic portrait poses to ensure a wide variety of images.


What are you like on a wedding day?

Something you should know about me is that I LOVE to laugh and have conversations and I like second shooters that are also outgoing. I am not a fly on the wall type of photographer! It is one of the fastest days of your life, you should be having FUN! One thing you will likely find out is I tend to take on a planner role when necessary including grabbing you a plate of dinner or a drink if I see that you are too busy or sending my second to grab rings when the best man abruptly gives you deer-in-the-headlights during the ceremony. I am here for it all, I have seen so many weddings and can help you more than you know! I will never say, “That’s not my job”.


How long does it take to get our photos back?

My contract states that for weddings it can take twelve weeks before final delivery. I aim to have them back much faster than that, we just like to have a little bit of cushion during peak seasons. Sessions can expect two to three weeks for delivery.


What type of editing do you do?

My company edits every photo that is delivered to our clients. We correct color, reduce redness, brighten, adjust contrast and also edit for basic blemishes. We try not to remove anything that is uniquely you like beauty marks. Black and white versions of the basic edits are also included in every session and wedding. We can do background removal and additional skin smoothing for an additional editing fee.


How will we receive our images?

Every session and wedding comes with an online gallery. This gallery gives you the ability to download high resolution images and print directly from it, but it isn’t required. USB drives and albums are available for purchase as well.


How many photos do we get?

It is my philosophy that limiting the number of images you receive is not the ideal situation. Maybe a loved one makes a face that is more natural to them and you prefer it over that standard smile, I wouldn’t want you to miss that! If you want a ballpark number, on average I would say I deliver about 50-100 photos per hour of coverage.


Are there any travel fees?

There are no travel fees within 40 miles of  Kansas City.  If your wedding is farther, please call us so we can give you an estimate.


Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want. It is my goal to make you feel confident and comfortable with your choice to become a KWS family!